2013 RAM Chassis Cab

2013 RAM Chassis Cab – The Working Truck

The 2013 RAM Chassis Cab Truck is built for working men and women. Its framework is to allow an aftermarket bed that is designed for a specific job to be installed. Many special designed beds are available on the market to assist the worker to get the job done. A few examples are utility beds with side bins to carry items that are needed on the job such as a plumber, electrician, or welder. Other uses are for emergency vehicles such as EMTs or fire trucks. They are used for heavy towing allowing a small company to deliver vehicles or operate a lawn service just to name a few. (first picture lawn service)
When purchasing a RAM Chassis Cab planning must be involved so the right truck for the job is utilized. RAM Trucks offers Chassis Cab Trucks for the purpose of hauling or towing in Regular, Quad or Crew Cabs, with Automatic or Manual Transmissions, and 4X4 or 4X2 Wheel Drives. Each is engineered and designed to meet the job requirements you need to make your job easier to perform and minimize expenses. These trucks will pull heavier loads; carry more weight while still providing the comfort and room of the lighter weight RAM Trucks.

The RAM Chassis Cab is available in 3 models. With a powerful frame the models RAM 3500, RAM 4500, and RAM 5500 are designed to
handle the heavy jobs of towing and hauling with 143.5, 167.5, or 173.4 inch wheelbases. The 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab is available with a powerful 5.7L HEMI® VVT with 383 Horsepower and a 6-speed Automatic Transmission. 52 Gallon Fuel Tank, Anti- Spin Rear Differential, and many more options including the popular Uconnect Media Center.

The RAM Chassis Cab 4500 is available in two models the Tradesman and SLT are available with powerful 6.7L Cunnings® Turbo
Diesel Engine producing 650 ft-lb of torque to haul or tow heavy loads. Choose from a Regular or Crew Cab in 4X2 or 4X4 with up
to a 204.5 inch wheelbase.

The RAM Chassis 5500 is the heavy weight of the RAM Chassis Cab with up to 29,250 lbs for maximum towing and 11,711 lbs of
payload this is the truck to do the work. The SLT and Laramie models both are also available with the 6.7L Cummings® Turbo Diesel and 6-Speed Transmissions. The SLT is available with Standard or Crew Cabs and the Laramie with the Crew Cab.

The Tow/Haul Mode Select is a special feature of the RAM Chassis Cab, engineered for a more aggressive downshift schedule for
meeting hauling demands. It works seamlessly with the Cummings® Turbo Diesel’s Intergraded Exhaust Brake System to use the exhaust system when breaking heavy loads, saving the truck breaks. Also, Standard with all six-speed automatic transmissions is the Electronic Range Select (ERS) which allows the driver to select the optional gear for downshifting engine breaking to ensure proper breaking and control of the vehicle.

Another great feature is the Power Takeoff. Providing an uplift frame to support your current uplift bed it is engineered to work easy without extensive modifications. Supported by a Tandem Power (PTO) with the capability to run tandem pumps, along with a locking torque converter when in PTO mode for more flexibility in power uplifts. This is hauling dirt with a best in class uplift.

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