2015 Jeep® 4X4’s – Trail Rated®

2015 Jeep® 4X4’s – Trail Rated®

2015 Jeep Wranger Unlimited Hoyte Chrysler Durant

The 2015 Jeep® 4X4 has earned the Trail Rated Badge of merit. To be awarded this high honor requires hours and hours of grueling test just to prove its off-road capability. These tests require the vehicle to meet high standards that include traction, water fording, ground clearance, and articulation, these test are run on the difficult proven ground of the Rubicon Trail which includes 17 miles of the toughest endurance just to earn the Trail Rated® Badge.

Trail Rated Hoyte Chrysler Durant

This badge of merit proves not only the off-road capabilities of the 2015 Jeep® family of vehicles over some of the toughest trails on the planet; it also proves their ability to travel in any road condition. Having passed this test ensures the 4X4 traction and maneuverability is capable of going where the driver requires.

Jeep 4X4 Performance

Jeep vehicles through the years have been considered the best-in-class performing off-road. Starting with the original Jeep produced for service during WWII they have excelled by going where they were driven over the harshest of terrain in all weather condition. These Jeeps are the star of collectors who pride themselves by owning such a “rock star”.  With modern technology the original 4X4 drive system has been improved and refined but is still the best four wheel drive system on the market today.  Shifting from two wheel drive to four wheel drive is accomplished with the traction control system. With five modes to select from the Select-Terrain® traction control system enhances vehicle control through the available Quadra-Track ll® or Quadra-Drive®ll 4WD systems.

Jeep 4wheel drive selection Hoyte Chrysler Durant

Driving off-road is not something that is done on an average day by most drivers. Driving on rain slick or snow covered street or road is done by all drivers over their driving career. This means on an average day they encounter a road that is not a super highway with a smooth road surface, but a rough, pot hole laden street requires close attention to where the vehicle is going. With a Trail Rated® Jeep 4WD drive system attention is now on the road and not on the road condition.

Trail Rated Jeeps $X4 Systems

–          Jeep Active I 4X4 System provide four all-weather capability modes, Auto, Snow, Sport and Sand Mud. A standard Break Lock Differential works with this advances 4X4 system. Available in the Cherokee Sport, Latitude and Limited styles.

–          Jeep® Active Drive ll 4X4 System added a low range for added capability.  Available in the Cherokee Latitude and Limited.

–          Jeep® Active Drive Lock 4X4 System is standard on the Trailhawk. And includes a first-in-class mechanical rear axle lock.

–          Rock-Trac® 4X4 is standard in the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

–          Command-Trac® 4X4 is standard in the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited Sport, Sport S and Sahara styles.

–          Quadra-Drive®ll 4X4 with Rear ELSD is standard in the Grand Cherokee Unlimited, Overland and Summit.

–          Quadra-Drive®ll SRT 4X4 is standard in the Grand Cherokee SRT8®.

–          Quadra-Trac®ll 4X4 is standard in the Grand Cherokee Lerado, Limited, Overland and Summit.

–          Freeman Drive l™ 4X4 is standard in the Compass 4X4 and Patriot 44 Sport, Latitude, and Limited stiles.

–          Freedom Drive ll 4X4 is available in the Compass and Patriot Sport, Latitude, and Limited stiles.

The Jeep® brand provides the 4X4 system to meet the requirements of travel either on or off road driving. These systems are proven and will get the vehicle to its final destination.

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