Dodge RAM “One-Ton” Truck Keeps on Trucking

Dodge RAM “One-Ton” Truck Keeps on Trucking

2002 Dodge RAM 3500 Hoyte Dodge

When I see a Dodge RAM Truck working and I have the opportunity to speak with the owner I never pass up it up, no matter where it is or if it interferes with my schedule. I love to hear RAM or Dodge RAM Truck owner brag about their truck. This truck is a great example of a happy owner who stopped for lunch at a truck stop. When I approached him about his truck and asked how long he had been driving it his eyes lit up. Seizing the moment to reminisce about “ole trucks” I ask if we could sit down and talk. That talk lasted for almost an hour, hamburgers and French fries with at least 2 cups of coffee each. What an enjoyable lunch. Before parting I asked if I could share his story which he gladly gave his permission.

The truck is a 2002 Dodge RAM 3500. The owner referred to it as a “1 ton”. This name was and is  used to signify their load capacity.  Also, back when it was new the work bed was commonly called a “flat bed” to distinguish between the standard factory bed and one that is customized for a specific job or work requirement.

Longevity, reliably, and endurance are built into RAM Trucks

Purchased new and with regular maintenance the Dodge RAM Truck  has resulted in longevity, reliably and endurance most truck owners only dream about.  This Dodge RAM 3500 has 270,000 miles of travel that includes pulling multiple trailers as shown in the picture. This kind of service can only result from a well built truck. When we think of number of miles the first thought is the engine.  This 5.9L Cummins I6 Diesel has done the job. The owner informed me he is looking to keep the truck for one million miles. I am sure he will make it.  The engine is not only the part of the drive train that must endure a lot of miles. The transmission and differential along with other parts such as breaks, shock absorbers, and frame is important to keeping a truck in running condition. Normal maintenance includes changing the oil and greasing the grease points on a regular schedule. However, if it is not engineered and manufactured it will not be around for an extended period of time.

2014  RAM Heavy Duty Trucks

Now let’s turn our thoughts to the latest styles of today’s RAM Truck. The 2014 RAM 2500 and 3500 are built for heavy towing and hauling by commercial companies. They are also popular with the small business owner and as a personal truck for pulling heavy boats or RV’s.

The heavy suspension and the towing power of the proven 5.7L HEMI® V8 , the new 6.4L HEMI® V8, or the  power and impressive performance of the 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel engines and the efficiently of the 66RFE Six-Speed Automatic Transmission  for Best-In-Class Payload and Best-In-Class  Torque all designed for the longevity, reliably and endurance we see in the 2002 Dodge RAM 1 ton.

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