Remembering the 1950 Willys Jeep Pickup

Remembering the 1950 Willys Jeep Pickup

Do you remember back in the 50’s when the Willys Jeep Pickup was popular? Most of you do not, but when I think about this pickup I sit back and dream of past gone days, nostalgia starts to set in and my mind drifts back to the late 50’s (I am aging myself). Having graduated from high school and before starting college, my best friend and I wanted to do something different before parting ways and entering another phase of our life. We did not want to sit around the house all summer or go to the lake just to water ski and watch girls, so we decided to have that great adventure we had dreamed about during school, working on a large cattle ranch. We located a working ranch along the Salmon River above Riggins Idaho and were hired as ranch hands for the summer. What more could I ask for? The opportunity to work hard every day, bailing and hauling hay, eating the best home cooked meals in the great Northwest, or enjoying salmon fishing on the Salmon River. This was the good life

At this time you are asking what does this have to do with a Willys Jeep Pickup. For a young man just learning about how to get things done this was my first taste of Jeep off-road adventures. Learning to drive along the back trails of the ranch and in the high country of the Nez Perze National Forest where we grazed the cattle during the summer. Sometimes the trail (not a road) was so narrow and steep we were not sure if we were going to make it to our destination. As you can guess the vehicle we were driving was a 1950 Willys Jeep pickup. It was powered by a four cylinder flat head engine and equipped with a winch on the front. It would literally go anywhere we drove it, over rocks, through mountain streams, or up a steep incline to rescue a calf that refused to come down. One trip we were traveling along a saddle back area when a black bear crossed the trail in front of us. The cow dogs literally climbed from the bed of the truck over the cab and down the front of the Jeep. They then chased the bear down a steep rocky incline with lots of loose shell. Yes, we took off after the bear, down the incline until the trees were so thick we had to stop. This jeep would go anywhere.

I have a lot of fond memories of that hard working summer long ago, but none so vivid in my mind as that green Willys Jeep Pickup. That Jeep would go where we wanted to go, sometimes with the aid of the winch, but it got us there. This reminds me. We used the winch to pull those heavy bales of hay up into the hay loft for storage.

The pickup is no longer manufactured, but it lives on in the garages of collectors and in the memories of those who drove it.

Today’s line of Jeep vehicles has not changed in the ability to go anywhere. They are more modern with what I call creature comforts. Like in-car heaters and air conditioning, power steering, radio and stereo CD players, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Uconnect® just to name a few.

They also include a lot of safety features that no would have ever thought of in the early days of a Jeep, such as air bags for collision protection, ABS (Antilock Brake System) for improving vehicle control, Blind Spot Monitoring that uses duel radar sensors to monitor those dangerous blind spots, Parkview® Rear Back Up Camera for backing and parking safety. Another safety feature is Forward Collision Warning to automatically engage the brake if a collision is imminent. WHOW! now, we are in the future.

I could go on and on about a new EcoDiesel® engine available in 2014 or increased horse power and improved MPG. All which make the 2014 family of Jeeps the driving experience of a life time. Some day you to will look back with fond memories of you first Jeep and agree with me. There is no better driving experience than a Jeep®.

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